Carter Thallon

Carter Thallon is a Boston-based marketing director, writer, and multimedia artist

Associate Producer

I am currently working as an Associate Producer at A&E Networks. I have helped produce such shows as ‘It’s a Wonderful Lifetime Preview Special,’ ‘Tis the Season: A One Tree Hill Cast Reunion,’ and ‘Brave Youth.’

Social media Videos

This is a video that I made for my pop culture video essay YouTube channel, Media Muse.

It has over 1.8 Million views on YouTube

This video was created for a marketing campaign called 'Corporate Wellbeing.' The goal of the campaign was to motivate companies to understand the direct correlation between employee financial health and employee retirement readiness.

I created this comedic mashup following the release of A Quiet Place. It currently has 700k+ views on YouTube and received 4M+ views on Facebook via Machinima.

I produced this video for Asset Strategy Advisors. The animation was provided by a third party company.

The Weekly Market Minute is a video series that recaps stock market news in approximately one minute.
I produced and edited over 100 Weekly Market Minute videos

This is a video that was made for the clients of Asset Strategy Advisors. It was a recap of financial news for Q3 2016.

This video was produced for Carleton College's Women's Ultimate Frisbee Team, Syzygy, after they competed at the 2017 College National Championships.

This is an interview between the president of the Association of Catholic Colleges and Universities and Asset Strategy Consultants regarding the recent changes to the Department of Labor and the 'Fiduciary Rule'.

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